The Protagonist

I made my first watercolor painting at age 5 – a robin catching a worm – and have been creating paintings and illustrations using water-based media ever since. Painting birds is still a favorite, as well as the woodland animals that live in my home state of New Hampshire.

I look backward to find symbols and myths – essential elements from our collected human psyche – to employ as filters for my own personal experiences to explore in my creative work. I enjoy studying these ancient symbols and archetypes, and strive to create images that help connect people to the kind of meaning that our ancestors experienced as part of their daily engagement with the magic of the natural world around them.

My current work involves creating a series of images in the form of flashcards for exploring difficult emotions, tarot inspired imagery, and birds as symbols for alchemical mysteries. I enjoy the challenge of distilling complex ideas into the essential visual elements necessary for the small format that a deck of cards requires. The discovery of turning over a randomly selected card to reveal a symbolic image is a unique experience filled with the potential for self-reflection. I explore these themes in my creative process for my own personal development with the hope that the paintings I create will speak in similar ways to those who view my work.

I am also a professional woodcarver, and you can see my woodcarvings on my other website: