Emotional Flashcards: Brief Descriptions

0 – Flying: A Blue Jay feather floats effortlessly on a gentle breeze without any indication of where it will land. Blue Jays are high-spirited rogues, and this card invites you to embrace their unpredictable energy on the new adventure that this journey brings.

1 – Spirality: Four spiral paths flow together into one around a central four-fold spiral emblem, symbolic of the four qualities of elemental balance needed as you journey on your inner pathway.

2 – Blessed: A reindeer goddess takes on the form of the ancient sacred stones that surround her as she stands in the center of the circle. Bathed in the light of the full moon, she draws in the energies around her as nourishment.

3 – Shelter: A Great Horned Owl watches all from the safety of a hollow tree. She knows the security and comfort that a wisely chosen refuge can provide, even if it only exists within.

4 – Endurance: An oak leaf shows the colors of the autumn season, a time when the tree also releases a multitude of acorns. These seeds germinate slowly all winter long under the cover of snow to ensure that the great tree’s lifeforce will endure for generations to come.

5- Beliefs: Our beliefs have the power to shape us, to bind us, and to limit our vision. They can also be the spark of our very essence. The difference can be quite subtle, and maintaining the balance requires almost constant examination.

6 – Comfort: A fox and a bear find comfort in the closeness they share together. Even when they are on their own they carry this comfort within, embraced by the love they have for themselves and each other.

7 – Pathway: A single strand of knotwork creates a pathway, a meandering road to follow, and a pattern to foster focus. While the pathway provides a comfortable and predictable journey, if you follow it without growth you can find yourself caught up in an endless loop.

8 – Might: A spiral target is shown with an axe that has landed at its center. Throwing the axe with accuracy takes practice, but fierceness is what will make it sing as it hits its mark.

9 – Rest: A robed figure rests in an ancient stone niche. This inwardly turned vision is invaluable for the evolution of the soul, and a long rest is a healing balm. Retreat too far, though, and you could be transformed into the stone that surrounds you.

10 – Origin: The spiral from the Newgrange passage tomb is the center of time – the year whirls around the hub, and the Winter Solstice sunrise aligns with the passage.  The spiral is a circular path that returns on itself in a dynamic movement, the same path, but a different iteration as you grow along the journey.

11 – Watchful: Two peregrine falcons perch back-to-back, supporting each other in a singular goal to increase their vision – ever-vigilant with their keen and watchful eyes.

12 – Memory: A large bat hangs from a bare branch in a state of deep sleep. A line of ancient standing stones dots the distant ridge, and a shooting star is visible in the twilight sky. The memory of stones, of the dreams we explore in our sleep, and of the ancient stars that fall eons before we can see them, all come to us in their own time.

13 – Eviscerated: A rainbow trout lies gutted on a rock, having been caught by a fishing lure. Death leaves us feeling gutted, but it offers us the chance to begin again, from a new place of wisdom.

14 – Awash: The rainbow trout is refreshed and back in its natural habitat, with a renewed appreciation for the elements of water, sunshine and nourishment. This card helps us explore the fundamental aspects of life that bring us back to ourselves and a state of wellbeing.

15 – Troll: A troll has taken up residence under a bridge, half-hidden in the muck and dark waters, waiting to challenge anyone trying to cross over. Do you fear the troll so much that you will not cross, or will you confront that fear so that you can find what awaits on the other side?

16 – Consumed: A raging fire burns the forest completely to the ground, consuming everything in its path. When the smoke clears it is easy to focus on the devastation instead of trusting in the seeds that remain under the ashes that the fire has released into life.

17 – Comet: A comet blazes across the night sky, bringing wonder and amazement to all who witness its burning glory. Time taken to observe the night sky teaches us about the rewards that can be found when we learn to see the light shining through the darkness.

18 – Seen: The rabbit in the moon lights up the night, bathing the landscape in its transformative light. This muted perspective allows for a shift in how we see our landscape, letting us explore the darker places under the moon’s comforting glow.

19 – Warmth: The warmth of the sun nurtures all that is touches. The sun’s rays reach down to the center of the sunflower which grows into an earthly reflection of its radiating source.

20 – Unresting: Three raven-like birds menace a figure whose feet are melded into the earth. Fear has frozen them in place, but are the unresting birds simply a projection of the figures’ own judgmental thoughts?

21 – Rebirth: A garter snake forms a spiral and its recently shed skin surrounds the earth in an eternal circle. The spiral path of cyclical returning and rebirth, and the infinite circle without beginning or end are separate and the same – symbols of growth. If we hold both of these truths in our minds at the same time, we begin to embody our soul’s journey.

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